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I inherited the design bug from him pretty early on.” But it wasn’t until after two decades of bouncing between New York City, Paris, and Los Angeles—first working in the music business and then as a model and actor—that Pescod returned home to Long Island, in 2001. A., my mother suggested I take a look at Southampton Shores,” Pescod says.

Though skeptical of the ’50s-era planned community (“I had thought I wanted something off by itself in the woods”), he was taken by the area’s private beaches, mature plantings, and bounty of seaside properties.

I have carrots that are fantastic - they're red on the outside and yellow on the inside and they're so sweet and delicious. My favorite thing in the herb garden is my fig tree; this is its second year, and I'm hoping we have figs this year.

I like thyme with garlic, and I'm known for my roast chicken, which is a very simple roast chicken with lemon and a big bunch of thyme in it, and onions. Are you really eating and are they really your friends? I enjoy when Ina's making something special for Jeffrey because she seems to enjoy the task more. When he walks into camera range, some of us sit a little taller and our hearts race a bit. R.) Pescod is a actor and model and an actual dear friend and former employee of Ina's at the Contessa store, a Long Island guy (like me, though from the more tony Hamptons whereas I grew up as far from there as you could on the Island in Valley Stream) and, as you can see from the image left, stunning. but also a lovely charming guy (even in a Facebook exchange) who very generously gave me a little time the other day to answer five questions for all of you from Ina fans to you guys that spend hours (I have seen it, it happens) cruising the model agency websites to shop for your next boyfriends. JB: It's been reported you've known Ina for over 15 years. TRP: Ina and I first met when I interviewed for a summer job at Barefoot Contessa. Such a disappointment but was great working with Sarah. most recently Runway for Change, to support Obama, and she came up said hello and has been nothing but a sweetheart. I haven't seen it but it looks very trippy, and the cast runs from Daniel Baldwin to Julie Delpy to Seymour Cassel to Mink Stole. One of my early acting projects that never made it to theaters! JB: It's Sunday, you have no time to shop, and two friends just called to tell you and Tim that they're in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by. TRP: Well here's the scoop and your getting it first.... After 7 years the relationship had gone as far as it could. I always have some chicken in the freezer, cheeses in the fridge and an organic farm across the street in Southampton. Since I lived in France for four years I picked up a lot of great cooking habits ... I'd marinate the chicken with some lemon, olive oil,white wine and my favorite sea salt mixed with herbs de Provence. I'm actually in the process of launching my web site and taking all this to the next level.

For the past six years, celebrity chef Ina Garten has been a fixture on The Food Network, where, on her "Barefoot Contessa" show, she shops, cooks and entertains, demonstrating for viewers that simple is not only easier - it's better. We had an amazing conversation and her spirit and energy were so infectious I immediately was smitten! We had a fabulous summer, worked hard and played hard! She had been on a series of dates with "freaks" and thought I could be a "normal" guy!! What was the conversation at the craft services table like on that project? Throw that on the grill with some fresh peppers and zucchini from the farm, make a great salad with goat cheese sprinkled on top. and simple ,clean, delicious food is always the best way to go! I have absorbed so much from Ina and her philosophy on entertaining ... JB: You've cooked with Ina on TV and the NY Times has, and frankly they made it sound naughty, referred to you as a serial renovator. I had a meeting with Food Network and if you all keep bugging them to give me my own show ... It's been a lot of fun and I'm so flattered to have such great fans and amazing response to my appearances.

It sits on a triangular corner and has windows front and back.

I spent an afternoon with Garten earlier this month at her East Hampton home, a 3,500-square-foot shingle-style house set on 2 beautifully maintained acres, with a studio-kitchen (recently built in a separate building she calls "the barn"), where she also develops new recipes and writes cookbooks. I worked with her for 4 years and we've maintained a great friendship for the past 25 years!! from an American fan in India, a couple who own a gourmet shop in Napa (to name a couple), to my many encounters with fans in airports and on the street...have all been so fabulous and complimentary!

The gardens behind the house are formal, yet casual, with mostly purple-, blue- and green-flowering plants randomly placed within perfectly trimmed boxwood frames connected by gridlike walkways. And on the side of the house, there's a huge long row of beach roses called Blanc Double de Coubert. JB: Can you tell us anything about your Sex And The City experiences in 19? Keep watching there will be more shows with Ina and I!!

A native son, he grew up above his father’s Speonk veterinary practice, and later a solar-powered, state-of-the-art showplace in Westhampton Beach.

Pescod’s current East End home is his sixth in the area, but make no mistake: A typical Hamptons home-flipper he is not.

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