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However, no matter how large a bill was I never once used the Care Credit card from GE Money to pay. Because, in my opinion it is the absolute worst, most unethical credit card in all of America.

This medical credit card is just that – a card that can be used to pay for services rendered at participating healthcare providers (according to their website, nearly 140,000 practices in North America accept it for payment). However, unlike a “normal” major credit card, the GE Care Credit operates quite differently.

The letter addressed to Visa chief executive Charlie Scharf said Backpage was "objectively found to promote prostitution and facilitate online sex trafficking," and that "the unfettered proliferation of websites like has provided this violent industry with a mask of normalcy, driving demand ever higher and increasing the enslavement of prostituted individuals, including children." Backpage could not be reached for comment.

Sheriff Dart, whose county is the second-largest in the United States by population and covers Chicago and surrounding areas, has taken an aggressive stance against sex trafficking, leading a "National Day of Johns Arrests" earlier this year.

Backpage's local classifieds sites include sections advertising escorts, body rubs, strippers and "adult jobs." The site, which was spun off from Village Voice Media Holdings in 2012, has long been accused by politicians and activists of facilitating human trafficking, especially of children.

The Sheriff of Cook Country, Thomas Dart, sent letters to Visa and Master Card requesting the cut off on Monday (both letters are published below).

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hase has upped the ante if you are in the market for a 0% balance transfer card.

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In the second verse, Kendrick self-reflectivity highlights the unquenchable lust people in his position have for luxury, whether it’s unlimited sex, the ability to party with no consequence or relief from financial burden.

Both Master Card and Visa have stopped processing payments for the adult personals site, cutting the site's access to the world's two dominant payment networks.

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