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Despite working throughout school, I had to take out sizable loans to pay tuition, which seemed to increase every year.To be completely honest, for quite a while, I avoided looking at the total amount owed among all of the different loans and providers because it just seemed too daunting.Learn more about how to take advantage of both student loan discounts. The lifetime limit for this loan combined with all other education-related debt is 0,000.Calculate how to potentially pay less interest on your student loan: Student Loan Interest Calculator Calculate the monthly payments on your private student loans: Student Loan Repayment Calculator If you’re a borrower with little or no credit history, or you have limited income, a cosigner may help you to qualify for this loan and potentially receive a lower interest rate.

The cosigner doesn’t have to be a relative; he or she can be any adult who meets the eligibility requirements.

Moreover, study results show a lack of financial planning can lead to financial anxiety, negatively impacting careers, personal relationships, and outlooks on the future.

One important aspect of financial planning for recent pharmacy graduates involves deciding how to best manage your student loans.

Nearly 500,000 Minnesotans carrying large amounts of student loan debt could be eligible for a new state-run refinancing program intended to cut interest rates and potentially save a borrower tens of thousands of dollars.

Officials from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education announced the "SELF Refi" program Thursday.

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, D-La Crosse, called for state legislation to enable student loan borrowers to refinance their student loans.

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