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Bahraini internet freedom improved slightly in 2015-16 due to greater internet access, although the country remains “Not Free” amid tight censorship and a plethora of prosecutions for criticizing parliamentarians.Internet access rapidly expanded in Bahrain, currently one of the most connected countries in the world.

It continues to rely less and less on its limited oil reserves, instead increasing its capacity for trade and tourism.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a Middle Eastern archipelago in the Persian Gulf, tucked into a pocket of the sea flanked by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

It displays relative social liberalism compared with more conservative neighboring countries, where Islamic law is applied in a much stricter way. Although Bahrain has a heavily petroleum-based economy, its political, social, and cultural peculiarities helped it develop a fairly cosmopolitan middle class and a politically conscious working class.

A string of political unrest (culminating in the demonstrations in 2011 and the following government crackdown) exposed significant discomfort as well as sectarian and social cleavages. Bahrain is the smallest of the independent Persian Gulf states, and has often had to walk a diplomatic tightrope in relation to its larger neighbours.

The country has few oil reserves, but it has established itself as a hub for refining as well as international banking, while also achieving a socially liberal monarchy.

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