Arab sex line

He's angry, and orders the taxi driver to turn off the radio - radios didn't exist in the time of the Prophet.

And the air conditioning shouldn't be on either, because there's also no mention of it in the Koran.

Things like alcohol, revealing clothing, private moments between couples (always keep the door to a room open), and the “good guys” smoking cigarettes now were off-limits.

Resentment over inequality, unemployment and an overriding disgust of cosy leaderships were common factors in all the major grassroot backlashes of the past five years.

The Clinton campaign spent millions more dollars; it employed a far more sophisticated infrastructure in an attempt to get the Democratic vote out.

All of it was in vain: the Donald’s triumph is complete.

The driver explains that he's just showing his commitment to early Islam.

Abbas and a team of his advisers on Wednesday are slated to meet with Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and a number of American-Jewish leaders.

Globalisation was meant to make us look outwards, but nations are now turning in on themselves: insularity rules Even Donald Trump, with his penchant for exaggeration, might struggle to find the words to describe his incredible electoral triumph.

Against almost every prediction the American people have handed power to a man who has no experience of public office, and whose campaign appeared largely based on sowing seeds of disunity, sprinkling them with hateful rhetoric, then watching to see what happened.

Arab cartoonists often fear legal action, intimidation and physical attacks.

A militant from terror group "Islamic State" (IS) gets into a taxi.

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For most satirists, poking fun at politicians is part of the job.

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